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Avoid ammonia-, vinegar-, or other acidic-based cleaning agents, which can discolor bamboo floors or harm the finish, making them more susceptible to other damage.

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How to Clean Bamboo Floors In this Article: Article Summary Removing Superficial Dust and Dirt Removing Dirt Buildup and Stains Maintaining Proper Conditions and Preventing Damage Community Q&A Bamboo floors are known for their eco-friendliness, durability, and resistance to moisture and insects.

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One of the main reasons why people would opt for the engineered flooring is because it is very easy to care and maintain. If you just learn the proper way of cleaning and maintaining your engineered flooring, then you can be guaranteed that the floor will last for several years and even for a lifetime.

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Cali Bamboo® flooring is treated with an industry-leading scratch resistant coating, and its density and strength surpasses almost any other flooring in the world. Bamboo flooring is tough, but all hardwood flooring is pervious to dents, scratches, discoloration or other natural or man-made damage.

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With engineered bamboo flooring becoming a popular choice for home renovators, there are a number of maintenance issues you need to be aware of. Bamboo flooring is generally easier to take care of than solid wood flooring, and cleaning is a breeze as long as you follow some simple rules.

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Long-term maintenance is fairly simple. Some strand bamboo floors can be sanded down and refinished but other types, especially engineered bamboo, cannot be refinished so there is no extra care involved. Engineered hardwood floors are also fairly simple to keep clean on a daily basis.

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For those who prefer modern décor, bamboo flooring has a clean, contemporary look. Properly finished bamboo flooring cleans easily with a mop and mild soap. Like other hardwood flooring, bamboo may be refinished, depending on the thickness of the planks.

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Bamboo flooring is fairly easy to clean, in fact it’s very similar to regular hardwoods. Just remember to n ever steam mop or wet mop a bamboo or hardwood floor . The key is to always use a lightly damp mop combined with an approved cleaning solution for hardwood floors with polyurethane finishes.

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Engineered "Click-Together" Bamboo Floors While engineered flooring looks like it is made of solid pieces of bamboo, there is actually very little natural bamboo in each piece. Rather, the plant stalk is sliced into very thin sheets and then is adhered to a backing material.

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Other common household products to stay away from when cleaning your bamboo floor include: water, vinegar, furniture polish, wax products, detergents, bleach, polishes, oils, soaps, abrasive scrubs and acidic cleaners.

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Ongoing maintenance is the best way to care for the bamboo floors in a home or business. Cleaning the floor surfaces regularly and taking precautionary measures with shoes, rugs, and mats will prevent damage and preserve the beauty and condition of the floor.

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If you picture rows of bamboo stalks lining your floor when you think about bamboo flooring, think again. Bamboo flooring closely resembles other wood flooring types, but much differently. Bamboo flooring uses hundreds of strands ofbamboo that are machine woven and pressed together.

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