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Glass Floor Panels & Stair Treads for Bridge, Landings ...

Glass floor panels and stair treads move light between floor levels for bridges, landings and decks with style and contemporary flair in homes and commercial spaces. Contact us for more information at 1-877-668-5888.

Glass Treads/Stairs - Cast Glass, Glass Flooring, Antique ...

An exciting mix of style and function, glass treads/stairs will definitely step up the level of style in your interior. Featured on HGTV, ABC and Fine Living TV, Jockimo was the first company in the industry to receive UL and NFSI certification on its glass flooring products.

Glass Stair Treads Glass Flooring | Thick Glass Floors ...

Nathan Allan Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring, are two very unique products in today’s Architectural Glass Industry. Produced specifically to be walked on, Glass Stair Treads Glass Flooring incorporate Nathan Allan’s exclusive “Glass Sandpaper” safety finish.

Glass steps staircase - All architecture and design ...

Find your glass steps staircase easily amongst the 454 products from the leading brands (RINTAL, FARAONE, Marretti, ...) on ArchiExpo, the architecture and design specialist for your professional purchases. ... Glass stair treads : a true work of art A most noble material for a staircase, ThinkGlass thermoformed glass stair treads have a pure ...

Glass stairs & stairs with glass steps for transparency ...

Glass stairs with tread steps or railings made of glass must comply with the legal regulations of the building authorities. The steps are made of three-layer laminated safety glass. Each layer is thermally tempered and then bonded by lamination in three layers.

Glass Stair Treads are the most unique products in today’s ...

Nathan Allan Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring are two of the most unique products in today’s Architectural Glass Industry. Produced specifically to be walked on Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring incorporate Nathan Allan’s exclusive “Glass Sandpaper” safety finish.

Designing Staircases with Glass Treads | Bella Stairs

Glass treads are a great option for any type of staircase design. By incorporating these design details, you can transform any space into modern times with these unique features.

Patriot Armor Glass Stair Treads Lamination

Glass Stair Treads The use of floor glass, stair treads, and glass walkways can help create a sense of openness and daylight in both commercial and domestic applications. It can allow light to pass through different levels and introduces new architectural opportunities allowing designers to play with light and colour.

Glass stairs and glass staircase |SillerStairs

Building glass stairs and staircases with glass parts is a big challenge for fabricators and designers. By using special architectural glass which is chemically treated, tempered and laminated it is possible to get the required strength to hold the weight of itself and the people walking on it.

Interior & Exterior Custom Glass Stair Treads

Glass stair treads can also be combined with glass floors and railings, interior or exterior glass panels and walls, and glass canopies to create a dramatic, distinctive guest experience. At M3 Glass Technologies, we work in both residential and commercial spaces to create sophisticated, long-lasting, and high-value glass designs.

Commercial glass stair treads | THINKGLASS

Glass stair treads : the center of attraction of your business A most noble material for a staircase, ThinkGlass thermoformed glass stair treads have a pure, aesthetic edge without lamination lines. Thanks to our technology and know-how, we can offer a multitude of textures and finishes.

Glass stairs, glass treads, modern designs, stainless ...

glass stairs. If you are looking to create a contemporary feel, then glass stairs are a great option.Incorporating glass stairs into your modern space will add to the stylish decor.

Let IBP Glass Stair Treads Elevate Your Design | IBP ...

IBP's Glass Stairs create functional beauty in any room. They are suitable whether the look desired is bold and contempory or traditional and timeless. Each GlassWalk Stair Tread System features 3 ply glass that is 1-1/4" thick and can free span up to 56" wide with two-sided support.

GlassWalk ST Stair Tread Systems - Glass Floors

This engineered system features 3-ply stair treads 1.325″ thick. Like the structural glass units in GlassWalk SG systems, the stairs are made with ceramic frits baked onto the walking surface for slip resistance, in a choice of attractive patterns.

Stair treads - Innovative Glass steps | ThinkGlass ...

Our top-of-the-line stair treads bring pleasure to walking up stairs. Our technology and know-how allow us to produce stair treads with smooth and aesthetic edges that show no lamination lines.

Glass Stairs | Glass Staircase Design

An EeStairs® glass staircase design adds an air of exclusivity and design elegance to any setting. Whether in a commercial or industrial building, or a modern home interior. The sleek and clean lines of glass treads create a look that gets noticed.

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